“Social Innovation is the process and result of innovating in social relations to collectively identify and solve collective unmet needs by means of empowering the affected population”

Frank Moulaert

Whether you are a citizen, activist, researcher, manager or civil servant curious about social innovation and sustainable development this site is meant for you!

Social Innovation is all around us, but often times we fail to recognize it, don’t know where to learn about it or just lack the time to surf the internet or attend the numerous events and initiatives going on. In addition, those involved in initiatives, be them civil, public or mixed, express their shared concern on how to upscale and spread their work and reach new people outside their circles, or just get to know other initiatives working in the same direction.

That’s why this site has been conceived as a place and tool to gather and spread all the innovative theories, governance mechanisms, initiatives and events related to Social Innovation for Sustainable Development found and researched during the SI4SD project.

Visit the INITIATIVES page to learn more about socially innovative projects, organizations and programmes from all around the world and INSPIRATIONS if you want to know more about our research process, theories and publications used or learn about events and courses on Social Innovation and Sustainable Development. For inspiring and clarifying quotes found or heard during the research visit the QUOTES page.

As an international theme and research, most posts and references are in English. Still, to enhance our collaborative and informative spirit, and contribute to international exchange between the two contenxts of the research (Madrid and Belgium) you will find a translated version in Spanish of each post in italics at the end of each post, or at least a brief explanation.

Stay tuned!

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