Infografía en Español al final

There is no better initiative to quick-off this site than Mares Madrid, one of the most interesting socially innovative initiatives launched in Contemporary Madrid. This project was co-designed by a consortium of professional and non-profit organizations together with the City Hall of Madrid to increase urban resilience by promoting Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).

This initiative is a clear example of new roles and collaborations from the local administration to promote and allow socially innovative initiatives seeking urban resilience by researching on new ways of collaborating and co-managing with social and private corporations. Namely, the participation of the City Hall was key to be able selected as an Urban Innovative Action in 2016 and receive funding from the EU for four years, while professional and social organizations contribute with their managerial and technical knowledge on participatory and innovative urban transformations.

This is one of the initiatives chosen for Action Research during the SI4SD project.

Check the infography to know more about the project:

Mares Madrid Infography by SI4SD (English) explaining objective and activities, spaces, actors and time line of the project.
Mares Madrid Infography by SI4SD (English)
Mares Madrid Infografía por SI4SD (en Español), explicando objetivos, actividades, espacios, actores y cronología del proyecto.
Mares Madrid Infografía por SI4SD (en Español)

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